Why are Pao Huei
residences so coveted
and Collected?


No other developer in Taiwan has so successfully combined our rare combination of legacy and lifestyle

As an owner, you gain from Pao Huei’s vision to recognize and secure a prime site in a stellar location; discipline to capitalize on this treasured ownership opportunity; and commitment to create a lifestyle that befits the luxury of the setting you call home.

We acquire high-value locations, develop them to superb international standards, and manage them with luxury hotel-style facilities and services. From innovative design and construction to ongoing maintenance, our dedicated team works in unison to bring our vision to your life.

What makes Pao Huei different?

The Legacy An appreciating asset

Pao Huei knows that you demand more than superb quality in your home. You seek an appreciating investment asset to pass from generation to generation. We begin by imposing the most stringent site-selection criteria in the industry, ensuring your address will be among the most prominent in the city. Then, working with international leaders in their respective fields, from architecture and engineering to innovative construction techniques, Pao Huei applies the world’s best expertise to optimize the potential in every project. Finally, to ensure that your building retains its perceived and market value for the long term, Pao Huei turns our watchful eye towards the ongoing security, maintenance and daily personal service you rely on, whether at home or away.


The Lifestyle A life of prestige and ease

Pao Huei is unique in our devotion to making day-to-day living in your home as outstanding as the architecture. From security and concierge services to ongoing garden maintenance, we staff and manage each aspect of your daily needs at a level commensurate with the quality of your building. Our Concierge staff, for example, are selected for the five-star hotel experience that enables them to deliver the highest level of personal service and treat your private matters with the greatest discretion. From handling your dry cleaning or mail to booking your massage or assisting with the plans for your party in the rooftop club, they are ready to make your life easier and less stressful.


Architecture Icons on the skyline

Your stature is reflected in a residence that would appear at home in New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong, yet one that communicates its place in the history and future of Taichung. Integration of world-class architecture, design engineering and lighting design gives your address a highly visible, memorable profile on the skyline. A recognized leader in luxury residential towers, Pao Huei carefully chooses partners who ensure that your investment represents the highest global standards in every aspect, from concept to finishes. We set our expectations ever-higher with every project, trusting the proven expertise of our service partners. Our demanding yet collaborative style ensures that you benefit from cutting-edge thinking and the world’s highest levels of excellence.


Landscaping Tranquil urban oases

The site footprint at your address is large enough to surround your entrance with significant, mature landscaping – a distinct advantage over your neighbors. These green spaces symbolize Pao Huei’s vision in action. Their existence was made possible by strategic site selection – and international architects were engaged in their design. Wrapped in exceptional gardens, your public spaces enjoy views from every window, drawing the eye to the beauty outdoors. The feeling is expansive. They distinguish your home from the street. And they enrich your view when enjoyed from within, accented by lighting and carefully chosen pieces of art. Moreover, like your own well-being, theirs is supported with a balance of built-in technology and dedicated, personal care.


Interior Design The luxury of space

To create your shared spaces, we contract the world’s top interior designers in hospitality – who conceptualize and create the design details expressly for each project. Whether selecting a fine timepiece or an automobile, you want your ultimate choice to be crafted with skill, patience and obsession with every detail. Pao Huei believes that your home should fulfill the same expectations. In creating a residence for you, Pao Huei strives toward the highest peak of perfection. We seek equal drive from each of those who work with us. Our design partners and suppliers are the best in the world. Still, we continually urge them to new and greater heights with every project.


Public Art Unique private collections

Your quality of life is enhanced by limited-edition work by international artists in your public spaces. Personally selected and of museum quality, our art collections ensure that your home’s ambience will be both universally welcoming and one of a kind. Even in unexpected corners, richly imagined details are brought to life by skilled artists and artisans; the handiwork of potters and glassblowers, cabinetmakers and metalworkers, woodcarvers and installation artists. Mosaics might be inlaid by hand, one tiny piece at a time. Millwork may be hand-fashioned in specialty woods. Paintings, commissioned directly from the artist. Each Pao Huei creation raises the bar.


Our Track Record


1982: Our first highrise condominium – and ever since, Pao Huei’s focus has intensified: we consider not only where you’ll live, but how. Today, this focus drives the entire process: land acquisition and development, design, engineering, construction, building management and 5-star hotel-style service.

1999: Central Taiwan’s massive 921 earthquake brought real estate to a standstill. Our response was to go far beyond the norm, developing rigorous standards for planning, design, construction and engineering. The 100-year building remains our constant goal.

2004: When Pao Huei began construction of Twin Parks, the first highrise project in the prestigious Seventh District, our design, engineering and construction reflected the most trusted experts in their respective fields. We still hand-select international teams of the best of the best for every project.

2006: We followed Twin Parks with The Park on a prime site in proximity to the Toyo Ito-designed Taichung Opera House.

2007: The Garden became our next Opera House project in the Seventh District.

2012: Solitaire followed, illustrating how Pao Huei strives for ever-greater perfection with each new project. This track record in luxury highrise condominium development is unmatched in Taichung.

As our portfolio grows, Pao Huei will continue to show you the future of fine living.